I watch Fox News.

That line always makes heads explode when I admit this to most of my author friends. I can see the gears turning as they prepare to either shoot me at the moon from a giant cannon or boil me in melted copies of Bill O'Reilly audiobooks.

Am I a Republican? No. I was for a while, about as long as when I was a Democrat. Right now I'm a staunch Independent. I found that it didn't matter which party was in power, both were corrupt and self-absorbed as a whole. Therefore I vote for the actual person or bill on the ballot instead of blind voting a particular party line.

Which brings me back to why I watch Fox News. Are they publishing mostly crap and conservatism no matter what? Yup. But look at CNN, who does the same thing except from the opposite viewpoint.

So I watch Fox, CNN, the network news, and the news from several different countries. All of them push their own agendas. When you see the same story from all different angles you learn how to spot the ideology pushing and begin to filter the crap out. Then you can take the actual news and form your own opinions.

Yes, the right reports things the left will not. Same for the reverse. I do my best to avoid the talking heads and pundits who spout their pablum opinions to glean the actual news. I miss the days when reporters were there to report the news from a dispassionate and almost clinical viewpoint. Of all the reporters on Fox I think I enjoy Catherine Herridge the most because she reminds me of the old style of journalism. At least in the old days you could watch a separate opinion program and get a particular political viewpoint from both sides. The opinion shows were completely separate from the news. 

Until that kind of journalism makes a comeback, I'll have to deal with an hour of Fox News in the background followed by all the other news sources. When they're all distilled down I'll have a better understanding about how the world is doing today.

Iron Noder 2017