There are three weapons used in fencing.

  • Foil: The foil is the lightest of the weapons at less than one pound. The foil has a 35-inch triangular blade. To score points, you must hit your opponent with the tip of the blade in the torso area.

  • Epee: The epee is heavier than the foil at 27 ounces. The epee has a large hand guard, normally shaped like a bowl. To score, you must hit your opponent with the tip anywhere on the body.

  • Sabre: The sabre is similar in size and weight to the foil. It is both a cutting and thrusting weapon similar to calvary swords. To score, you must hit your opponent from the hips to the head.

    The fencing area is a six foot by forty foot strip. Fencing is such a fast sport that all hits are detected electronically. Women used to be limited to the foil. In 1996, the epee was added as an olympic sport for women besides fencing with a foil.

    A normal fencing bout requires 15 hits or touches. Direct elimination matches consist of three three-minute periods to score the needed 15 hits.

    Inciteful says: re your fencing writeup, perhaps things are different where you fence but, in my experience, normal pool bouts are 5 hits, only DEs are 15 hit. just in case you were curious ;)

    undef says Your node on fencing contains an error. Foils are rectangular blades, not triangular.