It's been years, but I finally had one of my Lucid Movie Dreams. No, not a dream about some Hollywood flick, but a dream where I am awake and can partially direct what is happening. They're the only ones that I know are in vivid colour. The three short stories I wrote that were published were all from previous lucid movie dreams.

This one was a science fiction, and it was not a pleasant one. My movie dreams tend to have a large gamut of emotions involved, and this was no exception.

The Scene

A rogue planet was on a collision course with Earth at an amazingly high speed. The government found it first, but word leaked out that it was 90% likely to be a dead-on collision. Most of the dream dealt with the interactions of people who were about to become vapor.

I worked at NASA as a satellite technician. One of the satellites I worked with was taking the measurements of the incoming ball of doom, and I found out that there was no doubt... it was going to be a direct hit, "within one-tenth of a mile from the centre of mass." That sentence kept ringing in my ears. We all had about five days to live, and the Earth would simply not exist anymore. Humanity would be a footnote in the celestial scheme of things.

The Conflict

After talking with my colleagues, I found out what the last day would be like. Massive tectonic activity would dwarf any earthquake that had happened before. I was living in San Diego, and there would be a line of volcanos appearing along the Rose Canyon faultline. The atmosphere would begin to become unbreathable. There would be no place to hide.

I tried to get a set of cyanide pills for myself, my wife and three kids, but they were long gone. Panic was spreading through downtown San Diego, and it was difficult to get around. I had a Hummer, a 4 wheel drive military-designed vehicle, so I was able to get around.

I stopped at at the Bonita Mall in Chula Vista. A friend of mine was there, and I told him I would help him get home. I was picking up some ammunition for my sidearm. Luckily it was a 50cal pistol, and there was ammo left. I remember paying the guy with cash, and we were morbidly laughing about it. What good was a concept like money at a time like this?

My friend went off for a few minutes and came back with several bottles of green hot sauce. He gave me one, and told me it was laced with an almost instantaneous poison. We went out to my Hummer and I drove him home.

I remember walking in my front door with my wife and kids looking at me expectantly. I took my wife aside and told her what was to come. She cried for a long while, and I told her about the hot sauce of death.

That night we had Mexican food.

The End

I remember looking at my kid's faces, with their trusting expressions. I put the hot sauce on their burritos. As they lifted their forks, my wife woke me up. Luckily I was spared from the real ending of the dream. My wife told me that I looked very uncomfortable, and decided to wake me up. I really love that woman...

Tonight's menu was to be burritos (no joke). I think we'll have pizza instead.