Well, this was a much better day than yesterday.

  • Did a little bit of Christmas shopping for the kiddies. I know I'll hate myself for getting my 13 year old daughter her own phone.

  • I actually was able to go out with my wife for a cup of White Chocolate Espresso and some Espresso brownies. We get along so much better when we can relax and enjoy each other's company.

  • Got hit with an idiot portscanner. Turns out he was someone who made the attempt before, and he had the Netbus client installed (just like last time). I hate script kiddies. I switched his mouse buttons and opened and closed his CD tray until he decided he should go offline.

  • Read a few excellent nodes, added them to my list of things to vote on.

  • A special thanks to Nate and Uberfetus for granting me 25 votes (yesterday E2 forgot to reset my 60 votes and 3 C!'s). Thanks to their generosity, I am not behind on my list of things to upvote.

  • I am loathe to kill my SuSE Linux box to put Win95 on it. Started checking the junkpile for any spare Pentium Pro parts. I will do my best to keep Linux from being overwritten by Windows.

  • My daughter and I went out this morning to volunteer to clean up a hiking trail near my house. It only takes an hour or two, you get exercise, you bond, and you will feel better by helping improve your environment. Go try it!

  • Been noding quite a bit, very productive day for the writing muse.

  • Heard from Wonko. I was wondering if he was OK because he hadn't noded in a while, turned out he was on vacation (welcome back).

    Hope your weekend is progressing well.