Mixed bag today...

  • My youngest daughter had a cheap camera that she took pictures of our recently deceased dog, Buddy. We sent the film in and it came back screwy, as it seems her camera is broken. Took ice cream and a lot of hugging until she stopped crying. I have to kill my SuSE Linux box to install (ack) Windoze 95, after which I can install a video digitizer so I can make stills from a video with Buddy in them.

  • Decided to try to get a teaching job at the college I am attending. They're looking for A+ certified instructors to teach A+ Certification Prep classes.

  • I need to write up three complete COBOL programs in about two hours. When those are submitted by computer, I need to write papers about the Internet and a Spanish movie... all in Spanish. ¡No lo creo! At least I have El Mariachi on DVD.

  • I need to node more factuals, I've been slacking.

  • Decided that the only thing that really sucks about college life is that all the cute girls that I ogle are almost all universally half my age. Actually, it's worse, they're only five years older than my daughter. I have decided not to ogle the cute girls at college any more. Perhaps there's a senior citizen center nearby...

    Add to that my votes and my C!'s never reset... even on Everything2 it's not a good day :(