It's been a busy week. Finished up my Christmas mass-consumerism, the kids will be happy. I took some time to talk to my oldest daughter about responsibility. I told her how she conducts herself will determine when she begins to drive and when I give her a car. She has a couple of years to go yet, but I wanted to get her thinking about taking care of "stuff". The most expensive things we buy for her tend to get left outside or underneath mountains of shit in her room. I had to explain to her that having a pile of laundry on your computer monitor is not a good thing, as it tends to get warm and die a stinky death.

My last college final has been completed for this semester. Out of twelve college algebra classes taught this semester, not one single person was able to complete the exam. I was not able to get to two problems. Since it's a 20 question exam, I'm starting with a 90 at the most... and that's making a huge assumption that I got everything else right. Gaggles of irate students descended on the math department chair to complain. If they curve it I'll be OK, since about 40% of those who took the exam only answered half of the questions.

My suggestion to those of you who are young is to go to college NOW. Don't wait until you have kids, it's a real bitch to go back to school. Take classes when your responsibilities only involve taking care of yourself.