This is a potential Chatterbox blunder. A while ago, I noticed that some fellow noders were feeling unhappy about the women (or lack thereof) in their lives. They started chatting about how evil women can be, and I told them that in a year, they'd more than likely have girlfriends. When that happens, they'd be embarrassed that they were saying negative things about women. So, if in a year or so you find yourself reading this page, and your new significant other is listed below, you can tweak their noses and make them buy you a nice dinner to make up for their past transgressions against your gender.

Without further ado, the conversation:

GirlsDontLikeMe feels Ælien's pain
<Ælien> ..not to say that women are blood-sucking evil monsters, but...well, they are
GangstaFeelsGood leaves soon
<kamamer> i'm to women like bill gates is to women but i have slightly less money
<ccunning> women are not blood-sucking evil monsters. They are blood-sucking evil humans.
<Particlehead> women are inhuman succubi. At least to me. Wonder why?
Particlehead sniffs armpits
<ccunning> of course, the same could go for men...
<Ælien> women are human until those XX chromosomes activate in the womb
<Wuukiee> succubi have feelings too!
<discofever> Actually, I'm pretty much convinced right now that women are the human ones, and they've all realized I'm the monster...
<baffo> I don't delude myself in thinking I am human. I merely go through the moves, and present a reasonable simulation to the world.
<Rancid_Pickle> I need to copy your statements about women and remind you of them next year, when you've found the perfect one for you. Preferably when they're sitting there with you reading the chatterbox :P
<ccunning> discofever, that is very profound man.
<pukesick> disco, that third arm doesnt helkp your cause much
<pukesick> let alone the forked tounge
<jaubertmoniker> Ich habe kein "feelings". Zu mir die sind auslaendern.
<Ælien> can i have that in writing? one year?
<Wuukiee> *grins* oh PLEASE do that r_p *grins* tha'd be hysterical
<Particlehead> worde
<m_turner> RP - and if we don't find The One in a year... you will find her for us?
<briiiiian> oddly enough, lambs dont wear clothes...
<briiiiian> disco is a wolf in lambs clothing
<baffo> Baffo's WU Rep Prediction: the Vibrator Warning writeup by PUssy Kat will probably hit 256 XP in some days. Deserves it, too.