Bugnosis analysis of: Rancid_Pickle@Everything2.com (http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=780396&lastnode_id=748828)

Highlighted images may be Web bugs.

Properties Contact Image URL 
Tiny,      Once,   Domain  http://yoda.blockstackers.com/img/clear.gif 

Property name Description 

Tiny          image is tiny, so is probably not meant to be seen 
Protocols     image URL contains more than one Web protocol name (e.g., "http:" twice) 
Cookie        image URL overlaps with the cookie field too much 
Lengthy       image URL is unusually long 
Domain        image comes from a different domain than the main document 
Once          image is used only once in the document 
TPCookie      image comes from a different domain than the document and manipulates a cookie (Third Party Cookie) 
Recognized    compares the URL against a set of recognized Web sites 


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Li Kao says: You might also mention that Bugnosis only works with I.E. which actually makes it obvious who is spying on you!