Odd that this date is a nodeshell. I wonder what happened on this day in history?

  • Hurricane Irene stopped by for dinner
    Irene ended up killing 22 people on the eastern coast of the United States. In parts of the Bahamas, 90% of homes were destroyed.

  • NATO sent a hello to Ghaddafi's home town
    This was when the United States was causing problems for the Ghaddafi government in Libya. They dropped a large bomb on his home town. His government fell soon afterwards. Sirte was getting softened for the rebels to come in.

  • Senior Al Qaeda person earns virgins
    Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, the chief operating officer of Al Qaeda, was targeted by drones. The missile reportedly struck al-Rahman in the mountains of Waziristan bordering Afghanistan.

  • Wikileaks still causing problems 
    Wikileaks confirmed that the United States was bullying other nations to accept genetically modified seeds. Eventually, this led to a backlash where nations banned all GMOs. Just another case where Monsanto and friends own their government overlords