I don't know, but something must have happened somewhere in the world to make me the most sought-after person in existance.

Today, I have exactly 216 emails, all from different people, all with different subject lines. All have two items in common:

  • They all have attachments, and
  • They are all asking for my advice on this file.

I correspond with an interesting range of folks, and I can tell where most of the emails came from. Hidden inside each of these 216 emails is a little unwanted friend, the I-Worm.Sircam.c virus. I've spent a couple of hours emailing my friends and correspondants that they have the infamous Code Red II worm, and it is using their systems to propagate itself.

Remember, never ever open an email attachment from a friend, unless you arranged in advance to have it sent. All of the attachments that have shown up in my email today have a .bat, .com, .exe, .vbs or a .pif file extension. Make sure you update your virus files at least weekly. Personally, I run Anti Virus Pro on one machine, F-Prot on the main server and McAffee on the legacy WinME box. I also have them set up to share drives with each other, and I have each virus program set to scan all network drives every night.

Hehehe, as I write this, four more copies have shown up in the inbox. One is from someone I know who works at a publishing house in NYC. Guess I should make up a form letter to send out to these poor infected folks.

It's tough being sought-after for my advice.