Aries is also a constellation, also called the Ram.

Mythology and Legends

The Arabic people knew Aries as the Sheep. It has also been known as the Prince of the Zodiac, the Prince of Celestial Signs, and the Leader of the Host of the Zodiac.

When Zeus was chased by the Giants, he transformed into the Ram to escape.

Aries is also associated with the story of the Argonauts. Phrixus and Helle were treated cruelly by their wicked stepmother. Mercury took pity on them and sent a ram with golden fleece so that they could escape her. While the ram flew over land and sea, Helle fell off at the Dardanelles, the straights between Asia and Europe. Phrixus made it to Colchis, and in gratitude he slew the ram and gave the golden fleece to Aetes, King of Colchis. The King had it placed in the sacred grove of Ares, where it was guarded by a dragon who never slept. The Argonauts set out to reclaim it, and Jason did just that.

Jupiter is also said to have placed the faithful Ram amidst the stars.

            Hamai             Sheratan

  Notes: Mesarthim was one of the very first binary
         stars discovered in 1664. Hamai is a magnitude
         2.2 star. Aries is below Triangulum.

Hamai is approching us at 9 miles per second. It is currently 72 light-years distant.