I am constantly amazed by people using the Internet. A large majority of the average users think that they are behind an impenetrable curtain, totally hidden from discovery. This gives them the impression that they do not have to be responsible or possess normal common courtesy.

As an example of this "hide-and-rant" mentality, I suggest you look at Napster. I used to use Napster to collect unusual live concerts. The chat portion of the service was constantly under a barrage of flooders and rude assholes. It used to irk me that I could not have a decent intellectual conversation about music or other related subjects without some idiot flooding the screen with "Metallica sucks". I asked these folks to stop, but they of course replied that I should perform unusual sex acts on my own. I would then track these idiots down through a security hole in Napster. I would activate a logging program, then attempt to download a song that they had. My logger would capture their IP address, which I would then trace. I'd post their complete information, including the e-mail address for their ISP administrator. That always made them leave, post-haste.

I believe that 97% of the idiots on the Net are kids. That is not to say that 97% of kids on the Internet are idiots! I believe that Everything2 shows that there are intelligent and courteous young adults in abundance. It's when kids and some older yokels believe that they are impervious and immune to repercussions that they act imbecilic just to be "cool" or to cause strife by being a troll.

I do my best to "out" idiots. I preserve the anonymity of intellligent individuals. Anonymity can help to bring interesting topics out into the open, and even though these may be controversial, at least there is a discussion taking place. I may not agree with your argument, but I'll defend your right to voice it.