Additional information concerning 10base2:

10base2 is sometimes referred to as thinnet because it uses standard, cheap and (surprise) thin RG-58 50ohm coaxial cable. The 2 in 10base2 refers to the maximum length allowed for a single segment. Manufacturers rounded the actual specification up to 200, but the hard technical specifications state that the maximum is 185 meters.

The 10base2 cable uses 'T' connectors, sometimes called Tees or BNC Tees, to attach computers to the cable.

       cable __________ __________ cable
                |  LAN Card   |
                |             |
                |  Computer   |
                |             |

The 10base2 specifications include:

  • A maximum of 30 devices per segment

  • A maximum of 5 connected segments. Segments are connected using a repeater

  • The maximum length of a complete 10base2 system cannot exceed 925 meters.

    A 10base2 system is normally configured in a bus configuration. Both ends of the cable must be terminated with a 50ohm terminator.