He left to drop off the videos we rented the other night, and I stayed home to clean up kitchen messes and get online. When he came home, he plopped down on our bed and fell asleep pretty quickly. He was out for about 45 minutes before he finally woke up, and I disconnected from the net and put my laptop on the floor. He opened his eyes, and I began to untie his shoes and pull them off. Then his socks. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his belt out of the loops. That made him laugh.

“Why are you laughing?”

”Because you’re funny.”

“How am I funny?”

”Mmm...” I pulled off his pants and he started to drift off again.

I lay down next to him and cuddled him for a bit. I realized he wasn’t going to move or do anything in order to get ready for bed, so I placed a hand over my mouth and gave him a muffled command: “Alan, this is your Goddess speaking. My head will float above yours no matter where you are! Watching you! Judging you.” He smiled and opened his eyes, and I kissed him.

“You’re wearing cute little briefs today,” I told him. “You don’t strike me as a brief-wearing man.” He ignored me, so I patted his brief-clad ass. “You have such a tiny, cute little butt!” He laughed again.

I lay next to him again and played with his lips. “Are you going to brush your teeth or no?” He nodded his head. “The sooner you get up to do that, the sooner you’ll be able to snuggle up in bed and go to sleep... and I’ll cuddle with you until you do fall asleep.”

“You take care of me,” he mumbled.

“You take care of me too.”

He sat up on the edge of the bed and rested his head in his hands. I hugged him from behind and we rocked back and forth for a bit. He apologized for being so boring and going to sleep so early. I told him that he didn’t need to entertain me. Then he got up and I could hear bathroom noises. When he came back he started to undress, and I said, “Ooh! I want to be naked too!” So I got up and took off my clothes, and we climbed into bed like two naked married people who really like being naked together.

He looked down at me and said, “Your breasts are like two headlamps shining at me from the darkness...” and shielded his eyes from their blinding light.

After a few minutes of cuddling and occasional talking, he asked me “Do you love your boring husband?”

I replied, “I don’t love my boring one, but I sure love my fun, exciting, cute one!” and kissed him on the lips. He laughed. He turned over on his side, facing away from me, which is his signal that he really wants to be cuddled.

“Your body feels so nice and warm against my ass.” he said, and I giggled.

”Your butt feels so nice and cool against my....”


“My pelvis.” More giggling.

There was silent cuddling for a few more minutes, until I said, "Let me know as soon as you fall asleep."

"Why? What are you going to do when I fall asleep?"

"I told you before. I'm going to run away while you're sleeping, and never ever come back."

"Please don't go."

"Why would you want me to stay?"

"I need you..."

Silence for a moment.

"Okay. I won't go."

We whispered "I love you"s, but soon he was asleep and Sigur Ros was playing in the background. It was a really sad, beautiful song. As I stared at Alan's face, I noticed for the hundredth time how, when he's sleeping, his mouth always looks like it wants to smile.