I was walking with my father when I was bitten on the lower back by a rattlesnake. My father sucked the poison from the wound and spat it onto the ground. Fast forward - I was at my cousin John's wedding. He is only seventeen and was marrying his girlfriend of a few years, Diane. Everyone thought it was very strange that they were getting married so young. I spent most of the wedding away from John and Diane, dancing with the guests.

Everything was moving like waves and Steve Martin was there for some strange reason. I said, "Hi, Steve!" and we laughed at the fact that I called him by his first name.

I stepped away and noticed that there was a rattlesnake on the ground. I tried to get away, but it reached up and bit me on the lower back, the same place I was bitten before. My mom was there, but she refused to suck the poison out. She said, "The snake isn't poisonous. Nothing will happen to you." I began to feel very dizzy and wondered if she was wrong, or if I only felt that way because I expected to. I fainted.

When I came to I was lying on the ground in a dark, very smelly place. I had a very bad, disgusting feeling about it. As I sat up I heard a faint voice calling, "A rare sight.... pig eating another pig.... rattlesnake inside." I looked to my left and saw an enormous pig swallowing another, dead pig whole. Inside the live pig's huge mouth was an unnoticed rattlesnake. As the live pig swallowed the dead one, the rattlesnake oozed out of the back end of the big pig, cracking its body and killing it. The larger pig lay there dead with the other pig half swallowed. The rattlesnake advanced towards me and I ran. It jumped up so it was taller than me, flicked its tongue and bit me hard on the lower back. I fell.

This dream reminds me of another snake dream I had recently, where I was standing in the middle of a crater that was surrounded by trees. Every time I tried climbing out, one of the tree branches or cattails or blades of grass would turn into a python and chase me back into the pit. I was never able to escape.