I was living in a house with a group of other people. We were living out some twisted version of Survivor or Big Brother, where the last living person won. I ended up becoming the house sweetheart who everybody loved. There was a strange, thin, pale man there who I later learned was a vampire. I knew he was Alan, despite the fact that he looked nothing like him.

One evening we heard screams throughout the house, and a group of us went on a search to find out what was going on. We found a man who was cut in half, and his top half was stapled to the wall, screaming about the woman who had done this to him. The group moved on, but I stayed behind, staring in sick fascination. I ended up running into the murderess, who promised me that she wouldn't kill me.. at least not straight away.

There was one man who lived in the house who didn't like me. He was always in a bad mood, and didn't value human life at all. At one point in the dream, he kidnapped some small children and ground them into little pieces. At the end of the dream, me and Alan and this man were the only ones left. The horrible man chased after Alan with a gun, and I ran after them. Alan told me to stay away, but the horrible man shot me in the head and I fell over. Alan stared at me, shocked and horrified.

I became a spirit and picked up my body, saying to Alan, "What did you think of her? Her arms are so long and thin."

He said, "She was very pale."