"Your head would feel so much lighter without that heavy brain inside."

Terry was adamant that it was possible to perfectly preserve a brain inside a coffee tin, for several hours at the most. "All you need is a little soap and one of those plastic covers to keep the air out."

The incision was less gruesome than Sheena had anticipated, with a surprising lack of blood. Dragging the razor around her skull she was able to remove the calvarium, exposing her brain. She placed the skullcap on a table beside her and used her foot to drag the coffee tin nearer. Her fingers were digging along the sides of that grey mass and, grasping it by frontal and occipital lobes, she twisted and snapped it away from the brain stem. It was lovingly placed into the tin of water and laundry detergent and sealed with a plastic cover. Sheena sat back in her chair to meditate.

Nothing happened for a few minutes.

Nothing continued to happen for a few minutes longer.

And then?


Suddenly she was standing before a full-length mirror when she commenced a strange dance of oscillating limbs. Her consciousness moved from wrist to elbow to knee to toe to finger.

She licked the paper once more, lay in bed beside a sleeping Terry, and felt her sanity slip away like the pages of a book not yet bound.