I was inside a huge building with my cousin. She had a radio show going on and I was sitting in listening. The other DJs were smoking pot, the lights were low and incense was burning. I remember a lot of funky wall hangings and strange lights being lit as well.

When the radio show was over, we stepped outside. I realized that my feet were cold and glanced down to see that I'd forgotten my shoes. I told my cousin to wait for me, and ran back inside the building. But it had changed. What had once been a radio room overrun by neo-hippies was now a large, brightly-lit room with all different kinds of people who were walking around, meditating, or just talking with one another.

I saw a group of monks sitting together in the center of the room. I sat with them and told them that I had lost my shoes. One of the monks took a pair of shoes from inside his robes and gave them to me. They were mine; I wondered how he had found them. I stayed sitting with them for an indefinite amount of time, talking about myself and the things I've gone through in my life. When I was finished, I realized they hadn't said a word to me since I'd sat down. I looked up at them, and their eyes were so unbelievably dark. I had a vision: millions of people standing together in a crowd, connected in some way. I only had one thought: "We are all One."

I opened my eyes, looked at them once more and asked, "You are the Church of the Anti-Self, aren't you?"

They just looked at me and smiled.