I was playing in the snow with Alan and my little sister, Emily. Alan said, "Hey! It's our four month anniversary!" and I replied, "No.. we've been together much longer than that."

I took out my cell phone and one of my good friends was on the line. She asked, "There is another explosion in the distance, isn't there?" I turned around and saw the most beautiful mess of colors in the sky: pink, blue, grey, green.. and I said, "Yes, there is.."

Then there was another explosion, and another, and each was getting closer and closer to us. We started running and I yelled into the phone, "Oh my god, I love you!" and my friend yelled back, "I love you too! I love all of you!"

I dropped the phone into the snow and kept running. We came to a huge snowbank, and had trouble climbing up. Alan was a few steps behind me, helping Emily climb. I looked back, and there were flaming objects falling very close to us, and a liquid that looked like lava was approaching us in waves. We kept falling in the snow and couldn't climb any further up the bank. A big wave of lava was approaching, but we kept diving under the snow so it wouldn't touch us.

As we resurfaced, another wave hit Alan and Emily and they were shrieking as they burned to death. All I could think was, "I can't believe this happens.. I can't believe people have to feel so much pain.." and another wave of lava approached me and I screamed, "I DON'T WANT TO DIE LIKE THIS!"