I was with Alan. We were walking along a lakeshore, amazed at how volatile the waves were and wondering how we weren't being swept away. We looked at each other and knew we had to make an appointment with Him - whoever He was; Destiny, Death, Dream - all of these things thrown into one being. We came to a run-down building with boarded-up windows and doors. People were dying in the streets from mysterious illnesses. The world was miserable. We climbed the stairs, encountering some friends of ours, but they evaporated in mid-conversation. We continued our climb up to the roof, and found Him sitting Indian-style on the floor, with three blank cards in front of Him. I remembered our previous meetings, where He asked us to draw the Truth on other blank cards; to draw what we felt, and what we knew in our hearts would happen soon.

He handed the cards to Alan and said, "You need to draw three things: Something she has, something you have, and something you both have together. And don't make it too easy." Alan took the cards and began to draw on them, looking to me for approval. We seemed to communicate without speaking.

When he was finished, Alan handed the cards back one-by-one. The first card was a picture of himself and another woman. Alan said, "I have shame and guilt." The second card was a picture of me sitting against a wall with my hands covering my face. Alan said, "She has pain." And the third card was blackness. Alan said, "Together we have peace... in death."

He seemed very pleased, but Alan and I were nervous. We pleaded with Him to help us change our destiny because we didn't want to die. He smiled and said, "You drew those pictures yourselves, because you knew they were true. You cannot change what is to be."