I was watching the news and learned that a local bookstore had blown up. I decided to go for a walk, and ended up in the center of town, in front of the same bookstore. There were a group of my friends from high school standing outside, and I asked them if they knew who the bomber was.

"Yeh, it was Luke!"

"Luke? But he was always such a good person."

"Oh well. Not anymore. Anyway, we're protesting the bombing here."

They went on to show me how they were protesting. Someone picked up a small pyramid-shaped object and held it out to me. There were a few of them placed all around the perimeter of the building. She explained that they each had timers, and would explode at a specified time. I was shocked; they were protesting the bombing by blowing the building up some more! The bookstore itself wasn't completely demolished. The inside was gutted, but it was still standing. I stood in place for a few minutes, amazed at what was going on, until I noticed a small girl picking up a pyramid and chewing on it. I ran over to her, grabbed it from her hands and tossed it back towards the vigilante group.

I then ran across the train tracks, but kept falling over because it was riddled with trip wires. I finally reached the other side of the tracks and kept on running. Some of the vigilantes were chasing after me, because they thought I might tell someone what they were doing, but I managed to get away. I ended up at a drive-in movie theater and sat on the grass in the middle of a huge crowd of people. After a few minutes of watching a silent film, I heard someone from behind me calling out, "Lindsay!"

I turned around to see my ex-boyfriend DJ and his friend, Matt. They invited me to sit next to them, which I did, and Matt asked me if I'd seen the bookstore that day. I replied that I had, and he started laughing.

"I did that!"


"I'm the one who blew the place! Didn't you see my group of 'vigilantes' who were out there 'protesting'?"

DJ and I were both shocked. DJ was angry, and stood up from his chair, calling Matt a prick. He walked away and across the street towards a community building. Matt simply laughed at him, and I was so disgusted by him that I didn't want to sit there anymore. So I stood up and started running towards DJ, who had already entered the building. The entire time I was running, Matt was singing a strange song at me:

"Stop, girl.. stop what you're doin'. I say stop, girl..."

I placed my hand on the door of the building just as Matt ended his song with "STOP!"

I stopped, taking his hint, and glanced around the perimeter of the building. There were cone-shaped objects placed all over the ground, and I became terrified. I backed away from the door and sprinted across the street as fast as I could. Just as I reached the other side, the building blew. I turned to Matt and yelled, "You might have killed your best friend!" to which he replied, "I have no best friend."

I ran back across the street and into the building, where I saw several blood-soaked people lying on the floor. I yelled out DJ's name and someone led me to a candle-lit room, where DJ was sitting on a couch with an expressionless look on his face. Other than the dirt and grime all over his body, he seemed unaffected by the blast. I took his hand and silently led him out of the building. He didn't say a word to me, but I told him "You know... Matt really isn't your friend."