I received a letter from an old friend I used to live with in another dream. She owned an old battleship where she lived with a few other friends. I used to live on the battleship as well, but left because of mysterious deaths. There had been a large group of over 20 people living on the ship with us, but by the time I left there were only a handful. Nobody figured out why the people died; they were all young and healthy. Some were found keeled over; others were found dismembered; still others were never found at all.

The letter was an invitation to move back in. I'd been away for over a year and there hadn't been anymore deaths or disappearances since then, so she thought I might want to live with them again. I told Alan about the invitation, and he agreed to move onto the battleship with me. On our first night there, the entire group sat together in an area of the ship that had been converted into a sitting room. I introduced Alan to all my old friends and love interests, and he sat back and observed as I flirted and got reacquainted with old friends.

We eventually decided to go to bed, and the rest of the group escorted us to our room so we'd know how to get back in the morning. We stood outside our bedroom door saying goodnight to everyone until one of the girls started freaking out. She stepped right in front of me and started yelling accusations:

"You are the reason all those people died last time! I hope everyone here can protect themselves, because you're back and I bet the killing will start again!"

I replied, "You have no idea what you're talking about! There is no way I killed any of those people. If I did have anything to do with it, it was indirectly, like a poltergeist situation or something."

The girl scoffed at that, and turned away, mumbling more about how evil I am. The rest of the group turned and entered their own rooms, and Alan and I were about to do the same until a greasy fat man approached us. He went by the name of Cole, and he was pissed off about something. He tried to grab Alan, but Alan simply pushed him and the man fell backwards. He fell so hard that the floor shook and all the bedroom doors flew open. The rest of the group was shocked, and peeked their heads out to see what was going on. Cole tried to stand up again, but ended up falling on his stomach this time, causing the doors to slam in everyone's faces. Cole eventually stood up again and walked away, embarrassed.

We landed the battleship on an island the next day, so we could get some food and supplies and communicate with the outside world. We were all walking down the street, when we saw a huge UFO in the sky. It landed next to us, and a hole formed in the front of it. We could see a blob of an alien inside, pretty similar to the aliens from the Simpsons Halloween episodes. He opened his huge, drooling mouth and said "It's safe."

I yelled out "NO!" but everyone else in the group (minus Alan, myself, the ship-owner and her brother who was named Woolworth) boarded the UFO and it flew off. For the next few days we lived on the ship while it was still landed, hoping that our friends would come back. We decided that if they hadn't come back in a week we would go searching on the island for them. Alan and I woke on the morning the search was to take place, and stepped into the hallway to see blood smeared all over the walls. As we walked towards the sitting room, we saw more blood and pieces of flesh scattered all over the floor. We found Woolworth in the sitting room, shaking on a sofa and saying "I can't find my sister."

We decided that we would no longer live on the ship, and would find a place to stay on the island. We were walking down the road where we first spotted the UFO when it suddenly appeared again. It landed next to us and off came Cole and the snotty girl who tried to accuse me of killing people. The alien said to all of us, "You'd better get the fuck out of here!" and the UFO flew off once again.

Cole and the snotty girl wouldn't say what the aliens did to them, but informed us that they were planning on destroying the island and possibly any other piece of land on the entire planet. We continued walking until we reached a main road where we hijacked a bus. As we drove towards the water in order to get back onto our ship, we had to swerve in order to avoid collisions with aliens who were driving hovercraft on the street. They were shooting random people and buildings, causing chaos wherever they went.

We arrived at our ship once again, and boarded. We knew that the end of the world was coming, and that we could never land anywhere ever again. We had gathered enough food and supplies to last us over a year, but none of us thought we'd last that long on a battleship with silent, invisible killers. No matter where we went, we would die a horrible death. But we sailed on anyway.