I love all the other Star Trek shows. Yes, I even love Voyager. But I've never liked Deep Space Nine. Why? Well basically, it's just a shopping centre/mall in space. Deep Space Mall. Boring. Without being overly pedantic (okay, maybe I am), surely "Star Trek" would imply a journey, a voyage of discovery, involving stars, as in "travelling past them". Not this series. This is just a cheesy, third-rate mall with a bad paint job.

You've got a big mall that doesn't go anywhere, a bunch of boring characters, and a whiny Bajoran with a funny nose who, when confronted with any problem, starts whinging "But what about the Bajorans?"

The whole Cardassian thing is extremely heavy handed, as well - "ooh, they're like the Nazis, or countries that have, like, political prisoners and stuff, how clever, it's so relevant"... My arse.

Update: Ooh, an updated writeup! Hark at me! Ahem. I am not an obsessive Trek fan, dismayed that it's not set on a ship called Enterprise. I do not dislike the show purely because it does not go anywhere. I dislike it because it is boring, grim, miserable, full of dull characters, duller storylines, heavy-handed metaphors, and bad lighting. I am a Trek fan, yes - but while I love watching the shows, I have a life outside of this. I understand that none of it is actually real. I get that faster than light travel and the transporters won't ever happen. It's just a boring, waste of a TV series, and I don't like it. I've tried many times to get into it, watched a couple of seasons, but it just doesn't do it for me. There's no big analysis of why I am wrong needed here, I just don't like the damn thing.

But of course, like most things, it has a few redeeming features: Odo, who is the closest thing this has to a classic character. This is probably more to do with Rene Auberjonois' acting, but he gets the best lines too (I remember him from Benson, bizarrely enough). Quark's always good for a laugh. Porn holosuites - nice! And the anniversary episode where the crew go back in time to the Tribbles episode was absolutely hilarious. But I still can't watch it. Sorry.