Well, looks like those kerrrrrazee terra-ists have lost - if you were expecting us to have learned anything from your attacks, guys, then sorry, we've learned sweet fuck all! We defy your fundamentalist fervour with our sheer ignorance and bloody-mindedness! In your face!

I'm very angry at the moment, so I apologise that you have to read yet another daylog about the same thing. I heartily agree with SharQ and evilrooster up there, by the way - and if people refuse to take any criticism, whatever country they're from, then they have no place here. This daylog may contain traces of ranting, sexual swearwords, and opinion - if this is a problem for you, you should skip to one of the other, more heartwarming writeups where everyone's a victim except the dirty, smelly ay-rabs or moozl'ms. People shouldn't fucking kill other people. It's a pretty basic concept, but some people still seem to be having trouble with it. The world is worse off since last year's attack, but not because of the terrorists. It's because we just won't fucking learn.

Listen to me now: At yesterday's TUC speech, Blair said something along the lines of "suppose I'd told you last year, before the terrorist attacks, that Al Qaeda existed, and were planning this attack?" to justify why we should go along with bombing the shit out of Iraq despite no actual evidence so far. How fucking dare you, you cocklicker? How fucking DARE you? Fine, you want to be Bush's fucktoy? Super. You want to go and bomb Iraq, finish off the fucking job, kill more innocent people, slaughter anyone left alive despite the staggeringly inhumane sanctions preventing medical care getting into the country? That's great, we can't stop you, you're going to fucking do it with your little buddy Bush anyway, what does our fucking opinion matter? We voted you in, I guess we're paying the price for that. But don't you fucking expect us to ease your conscience by saying it's okay, cause it really fucking isn't. Nobody, but nobody, either in the UK or the US, wants this "war". But it's going to happen anyway, and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. How fucked up is that, boys and girls?

Yes, Saddam is a Bad Man, yes, it might be better if he were removed, but I could say exactly the same about that dumb motherfucker Bush, who cheated his way into the presidency, or Blair, who keeps happily selling British arms to oppressive regimes so that they can murder people. But bombing the shit out of the poor bastards who are trying to keep their mud huts in one piece isn't going to help anyone, except Saddam, possibly, who can legitimately claim that we're being unfair.

Completely unrelated to the anniversary: non-UK noders may not be familiar with the case in Soham of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman - two young girls who were kidnapped and found dead 13 days later. Two people have been arrested and charged, but according to the British public, they're already guilty. Both suspects have been taken to court for preliminary hearings, and greeted with lynch mobs hurling abuse, bottles and eggs, screaming "kill him, kill him", holding banners reading "rot in hell" and "bring back hanging". The people in the mob bring their kids along to this near-riot, kids who are frightened, crying, wanting to go home. If the crowd had had access to either suspect, they would have killed them, no question. These suspects are supposedly innocent until proven guilty. We have no idea if they did it or not. But the crowd doesn't give a fuck, they just want blood. Supposedly intelligent people, turned into a baying mob. Media saturation, supposedly objective journalists using the sort of purple prose that belongs in a Mills and Boon novel. Sky News is proving to be unintentionally hilarious lately, it's almost a parody of itself, Chris Morris couldn't do any better. And yet many people in the UK probably haven't heard of the 13 month old girl who was tortured until she died - tortured by her parents. Cigarette burns all over her, scalded feet from being made to stand in boiling water, broken skin under the arms from being pinched incredibly hard - but she barely gets quarter of a page deep inside the paper, while the more photogenic Holly and Jessica are plastered all over the front pages.

More UK stuff: two boys admit vandalising over 150 children's graves in Bristol, but cannot be charged as they are under 10 years old. Little fucking shitrags. Kids are evil, man. I expect there'll be some shit about how they're misunderstood or something, that they didn't understand - bollocks. They're just fucking evil.

And Israel and Palestine seem determined to keep at it until they're all fucking dead and buried. On my less patient days, I secretly wish they'd hurry up and get it over with, once they've all killed each other, at least that's one less problem in the world to worry about. But it won't end, it'll just keep going, Bush, for some bizarre reason, not seeming to care. Or maybe he just hasn't had someone give him the gist of that particular report yet. The stupid fucking redneck cunt.

The world is going down the fucking toilet. Terrorists: put away your bombs, your box cutters, save your money, time and effort. There is nothing you can do to us that we aren't already doing to ourselves. Bush and Blair: if you persist in this "war", against your own countries' wishes, if you are determined to go and kill people, insisting on it with the demented fervour of Chris Morris in The Day Today ("It's war!"), then fuck you. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Get your dicks out of each others mouths for a minute, and think very carefully about what you do next. If the governments of two major world powers (well, okay, one major world power and the UK), supposedly democratic countries, are going to start a war without the consent of the people, or even the majority of the fucking government, then it really is all over. There's going to be a big problem come re-election time, or even sooner depending how angry the people are. Remember the poll tax riots? That was over a fucking tax, man, this is going to be so much worse.

And if you get angry because you think I'm being anti-American (I'm not) or because you think I don't care about the people who died in last year's attacks (I do care, very much), then fuck you too. I don't want anyone to die, I sat there horrified in front of the fucking television along with everybody else, watching people jumping from the burning building to their deaths, it was a fucking tragedy, nobody deserves that to happen to them. Yes, those people were innocent and blameless, and so are all the other people who are murdered all the time, but it's all for nothing if we can't even talk about who else might be at fault. Sure, the terrorists should be found and punished, of course - but I don't want the other fuckers in the background to get off without any blame, the governments who fund groups that later bite them on the arse, and then lie and pretend they had nothing to do with it. I especially don't want snivelling, shiny-arsed politicians using the innocent dead to justify their wallet-lining warmongering. I'm fucking sick of this shit, sick of being lied to, manipulated, told what to believe. We had Virgin radio on here in the office today, but I've just turned it off in disgust - they're playing maudlin songs all day, and while the songs are playing, there are snippets from 911 calls, or soundbytes from the day. So, for example, I'd have to listen to Angels by Robbie Williams (bad enough) which is suddenly interrupted by "oh my God, people are jumping out of the windows", and then back to the song. Hardly a fitting tribute to those who burned to death or were buried alive while trying to save others, this was a human fucking tragedy, it's not just fodder for your fucking infotainment shows. Announcers competing with each other as to who can sound the most sincere and compassionate - I really fucking object to that emotional manipulation, it totally cheapens the deaths of all those people, turning it into a cheesy slice of shit, it's totally fucking inappropriate.

So the day will pass, everyone will feel sad, we'll focus on this one event and ignore thousands of other worse ones, where even more people were killed, and nothing will be done to prevent this sort of thing happening again. We're just going to keep bombing and killing people, and will keep getting bombed and killed in return. If your first reaction to any problem is to bomb it, then don't act all surprised when crazy people try to kill you.

That's why there will never, ever be world peace, it's just a constant stream of revenge, attacks, people grabbing power or oil or whatever, it just won't ever stop. The glorious circle of death keeps on turning. We're all guilty, all of us, either by action or inaction. Our countries are built on stacks of poor, dead bastards who got in the way, and our politicians earn their money selling guns to people so they can kill other people and then we bomb them for having guns, the guns we fucking sold them in the first place, but there's nothing we can do, so fuck it. Fuck everyone. Fuck the terrorists, fuck the US government, fuck the UK government, fuck Bush, fuck Blair, fuck Saddam, fuck the media, fuck anyone who thinks it's anti-American to criticise a fucking muppet like Bush, fuck Robbie Williams, fuck me, and fuck you.

The terrorists have got nothing on us, baby. They're a bunch of amateurs.