My brother John's favourite chat up line, which has never failed him.

It won over his current girlfriend. John was in the pub with his mates, absolutely shitfaced, and spotted the girl in question from across the room. He announced that he was going to get her phone number, to much laughter from his mates - he could barely stand up, let alone pull.

Anyway. He staggered over to her, plonked his pint down on the table, and slurred "Your eyes are like limpid pools. Can I have your phone number?" No hello, no how are you, just that.

She was so impressed at his cheek, she gave him the number. He swaggered back to his mates, waving the piece of paper around triumphantly, in full view of everyone in the bar, including the girl. And she still went out with him.

They're still together today, and very happy.