Strange week. Labour and the Tories get their arses handed to them in the UK local elections, the Tories say it's a victory for them, while Labour say they won't be changed from their course, saying "oh, it was just cause of the Iraq war", as if it was a totally separate entity that had nothing to do with them. So, public demonstrations against the war did nothing, the electorate effectively displaying a giant "fuck you" sign did nothing - what will it take to wipe the shit-eating grin off Tony's face? We'll see next year, come the general election. Keep smiling, Tone, enjoy it while it lasts.

In other news, a really old, ill man died. This wouldn't make page 27 of a local news rag if the man's name wasn't Ronald Reagan. And predictably as ever, the glowing eulogies start pouring in. Anybody who points out his mistakes and crimes in an attempt to show that he wasn't the son of god is condemned for "making fun" of Alzheimer's, or being "insensitive", don't we have a shred of decency, think of poor Nancy, the woman must have been through hell. And that makes everything he did okay, does it? Fair enough. It doesn't matter if he sent the National guard to fire tear gas at students demonstrating at Berkeley in 1969, invaded Grenada for kicks, ignored the AIDS crisis for years, sent CIA-trained counterrevolutionaries into Nicaragua resulting in many, many deaths and then illegally sent them money made on selling arms to Iran despite denouncing them as a terrorist nation (while at the same time supporting Saddam and ignoring his chemical weapon attacks, the ones Bush II was so upset about recently*), and then lied about it - he had Alzheimer's, and then he died, and Nancy was brave about it, therefore Ron was a wonderful human being. Anyone who even mentions any of that other stuff is making fun of the old, infirm or dead - this man was a SAINT, man, a SAINT, and who the hell are you to bring up every little thing from his past, jesus, everyone makes mistakes, can you look me in the eye and honestly say you've never illegally funded a glorified death squad? No? I didn't fucking think so. Christ, if I had a penny for every death squad I've sent on a killing spree, I'd have a heck of a lot of pennies, word up. Yes, of course. So before you get all dewy-eyed at what a wonderful president he was, look at the facts, and not at your rose tinted view of history.

And finally, shockingly, in one piece of news that actually gives me hope, Michael Moore's new documentary "Fahrenheit 911" gets a fantastically enthusiastic review - from Fox News:,2933,122680,00.html. Yes, the world has officially ended. Well done to the reviewer for being objective (and no, he's not a liberal, he didn't like Bowling for Columbine, and has some valid criticisms), who is either clearing out his desk now, or being whipped by Murdoch's stormtroopers. And before all the Moore-bashers ("he lied! he lied about... something...") descend on me, do your research first, and back up what you say. Don't just present me with a link to - websites devoted to attacking somebody are hardly a reputable source.

* Why wasn't I protesting when Saddam used those chemical weapons on the Iranians? Because I was 12. I was mainly concerned with watching the A-Team and wanking (not at the same time, except just that one time when B.A. got all wet and angry). I was 12, and at the time, I thought that the TV news and newspapers told the truth.