I love this guy. His real name is Don LaFontaine, and he looks a bit like Tony Curtis. He's been doing the trailer voices since as long as I know, and has two styles. For a serious movie, he uses the normal, deep, gravelly growl that we know and love. If it's a comedy movie, he goes for the deep, rich, louder purpley-sounding voice that goes up and down, usually when saying things like "a-Whoopie Gollllldberrrrrrrg".

These are the lines that I've noticed appear quite a lot in trailers. There must be a stock supply of lines that sound good in trailers, or appeal to the lowest common denominator, or whatever:

  1. "In a world..." (on one occasion, this was in every single trailer I saw at one cinema visit)
  2. "It was a time for heroes..."
  3. "Only one man... (can stop the evil/kill the bad guys/save the damsel etc etc)"
  4. "Time is running out..."
  5. "When there's no-one you can trust..."
  6. "...playing a deadly game..."
  7. "...an explosive combination..."
I've also realised that certain movie stars have good trailer names, ie names that sound cool when Movie Trailer Voiceover Man says them. Here are a few (just imagine them spoken with that voice, all gravelly, and soun-ding out ev-e-ry sy-ll-a-ble):

For a fascinating day in the life/interview/article type thing with King La Fontaine, go here:

Check out the trailer for the Jerry Seinfeld movie Comedian: http://www.apple.com/trailers/miramax/comedian.html - it features a hilarious piss-take of the voiceover thing. You'll need Quicktime 5 to see it, and special pants.