Its 3.27am and I'm cold. I looked for an oil heater for a while, but it looks like we threw them out when we got central heating. If I wasn't working nights, and slept when everyone else did, it wouldn't be a problem; I'd be warm in bed. I pulled out what looked like a heater, but turned out to be an evaporative cooler. Boy, my parents will think I'm strange when they see that in the morning.

Tonight I actually saw Elle! It seems like such a rare occurrence, although it tends to happen every other day. Not only that, but she seemed pleased to see me. Occasionally, I belive that I will eventually break down the walls around her and she might love me back.

After showing my friend the cuts from saturday night, he said nothing for some time. At about 2.30am last night, though, I got a message from him:

Don't try not to be so unhappy. Don't fight against the sorrow. Don't fear it. Embrace the emptiness and eventually it shall tell you what it needs to say, and what you need to hear. This i promise you: when it speaks, your heart, it shall not speak of death...

It has to be the most comforting thing anyone has ever said to me. It really made me think things will be okay. Maybe they will be.

Hey wow! My first ever write-up.