Being creative is like hunger; it can't be ignored. Whether it be out loud, through writing, or in a movie, my creativity is expressed somehow. That's how I cope with it. A lot of my life has been a long experiment to hone my skills in as many media as possible -- so I can choose the best way to eat for every hunger.

The place to start is writing. Writing is the meat and potatoes: the standard, healthy meal to which all other meals pay tribute. Meat and potatoes are the machine code that higher art compiles to. It's not always visible, but it's always there.

You have to figure out all the technical details first. What kind of meat? How should it be cooked? Are the potatoes mashed, baked, or raw? Everything should be decided in advance to get a consistent texture. If you change your mind about the potatoes halfway to the end, you're left with a potato that has one side baked and the other side raw.

Do you put any spices on the meal? Any illustrations or diagrams?

Then you figure out pacing. How do you eat the food? Slowly? Quickly? Do you accelerate as you go along? The delicious parts are the best, but you need sour parts for contrast; without valleys there can be no peaks. Eat the best part last so the flavour can be left the longest. If you mess up the pacing, you'll still get the flavours, but they won't be experienced as effectively as they could have been.

Writing is one of many ways that you can relieve your hunger. Discovering new ways is half the fun, but writing should always be the first step.