My mother's birthday. I am proud that I actually went all out this year.

She wanted the house clean (relatives will be visiting for my brother's high-school graduation soon) so I spent hours scrubbing the living room rug. I also otherwise tidied and straightened the living room, and somewhat organized the huge mass of papers on the dining room table. My parents have no method of organization so pretty much all I could do was stack random documents. I wanted to scream and cry at one point - perhaps the time of month, perhaps the fact that disorganization drives me crazy.

I also yelled at my little brother consistently until he swept and mopped and changed loads in the dishwasher. Yes, he did the work, but believe me it is incredibly difficult to get him to do anything.

Somewhere between all this running around cleaning, I managed to cook and ice and decorate a birthday cake. After the cleaning, I cooked - and that may sound mundane, but for me, since I don't cook, it was extraordinary. I don't think my mother has ever come home to dinner ready, the table set, everything.

I was also the only one in my family to buy a birthday present for her. My father brought home a boat for himself. To be fair, he got her one dozen roses earlier in the week.

I know it sounds lame to be proud of all this, but I'm such a lazy ass that it's a big deal to me. I was so tired I fell asleep at 9:00pm. (Woke up an hour later.)

There you have it. I wanted a record of my good deed because as much as I try to come off as being selfless, I'm really incredibly selfish after all. Plus, I'm one writeup away from Level 3.