First I was shopping. I had one of those little baskets that you use when you're not really going to buy much. Somehow I made Rachel (from Friends) mad, and we started hitting each other on the head with styrofoam sticks and dodging around circular racks of clothes. Then she started throwing things off of the shelf. After some inner conflict, I decided that it was not my responsibility to pick them up. I started to dash for the back of the store for some other things that I needed, then dashed back to retrieve and protect my basket. I was afraid that she would throw extra things in my basket.

I was running first one way, and then another. I ran through forests of mannequins and they turned into for fur coats and then stuffed animals (the wild, dead stuffed animals that they have in museums). I tried to choose the least frightening path, but it got even more complicated by rooms with stone statues of dinosaurs. (I have a history of being insanely frightened of dead stuffed animals and dinosaur reproductions, but to be fair I haven't been around any since I was under ten so I'm probably better now.)

Finally, I chose a huge cavern filled with stone dinosaurs... at least they were not real, and it was dark so the forms weren't as clear and I could pretend they were just big rocks. The terrain was rough, and I began the mode of transport that I often take in my dreams, running and jumping and gliding for a long distance as if I were on the moon. Still, I was frightened. I ran past an ankylosaurus and then I had to go right next to a huge one, like the biggest dinosaur from Jurassic Park III. I took a panicked leap and landed on some huge dinosaur's head. I mentally slammed down a barrier from my fear, and continued.

On the other side of the dinosaur I landed on, I met Cindy Sanders, a girl that I used to go to high school with. I told her how scared I had been, and she said that it had been worth it because she never would have seen where the Grotto was that Ryan had told her about otherwise. I asked, where was it? Then it was as if we zoomed out, and I saw a landing up at the top of the building with a comforting man-made fence.

We continued walking, and soon got to a small door next to a garage-size door. Cindy went to the small door, and said "I think this leads to the grotto." I said, "No, I don't think it does," wondering how she could be so stupid when she had been the one to locate the passage to the grotto at the top of the building on the opposite side. Nevertheless, she went through the small door, and I went through the big door, and I was so glad to be outside in the sunshine.

Then, the phone rang and woke me up, and I stepped on a mirror getting to it. I'm not worried about the luck, though... I've already racked up more than a lifetime of that.