There was more before, but the part I remember, I was in a store. I was buying some stuff, including a laundry hamper for myself and one for my cousin's child, who is very young, probably around three years old. I almost didn't get her one, but then I noticed how cheap they were, so I bought two different kinds. Both were a hamper with an inner net, so you could put wet things in and the water that dripped out of them would be caught and held away from the clothes. I debated for a while which color for a while. After I had decided, my cousin (the mother of the girl I mentioned earlier) came up and talked to me. I thought about presenting the laundry hamper to her, but began to have doubts about the size of the hamper compared to the size of the child.

I went home, and when I got there it had snowed. We got laundry hampers to go out and ride the drifts. Somehow, although I had just brought home two new ones, I ended up with an old cracked one that belonged to the oldest of my two brothers. I stayed on the porch contemplating this with my youngest brother, while the older one went out to ride the drifts with his friend/roommate. After I while, I finally went out, but there was no snow anymore. I almost jumped at a big ball of snow, but when I got closer, it was a thin crust of snow over a big rock. So we went back to the house.

The older of my two brothers and I were at the fence of our yard (which hasn't existed for I don't know how long) when a bull calf that had gotten loose began to charge us. We kept jumping up on to the fence, but the bull would shimmy through a space in the fence to the other side. I don't know why it was that frightening with a bull small enough to slide through the fence, but it was still strong and intelligent and seemed bent on some malicious mauling. I don't remember whether we yelled for my father or not. I thought about trying to walk on the fence all the way to the closest point to the house and then making a run for it. I thought my brother should have been able to deal with it since he is usually able to deal with things that frighten me, like a dead toad in the washhouse.

No solution had been reached when I was awoken by my phone; it was my mother calling.