Dinosaurs again. This time, horrifyingly scary ones. I just wanted it to end, and was trying to figure out how to end it without pain... that "you're still alive when they disembowel you" stuff does not sit well with me.

At first, we were in some sort of livestock pen. I was running through the pasture dodging the big herbivores, but when I got to the enclosure, there was a raptor loose. I was staying pretty much out of sight, although it kept killing people in places where I could see the splash of blood.

Then it found me... and there were two of them. They were circling me and I was trying unsuccessfully to faint where I stood, when someone distracted them. Then some guy was controlling the raptor by pressing buttons on some sort of electronic implantation in it. He saved us from the other raptor by sending a strong signal indicating pine from one to the other. Apparently pine does not attract raptors the way human flesh does.

Of course, we couldn't let go of the raptor or it would cease to be in our control, so we took it on the plane with us. Smart. And of course the other one ended up stowing away and coming with us. I was wondering why someone didn't just shoot the darn things before they killed someone, as lack of weapons weren't a problem.

Finally, one of the raptors had me and some girl I didn't like (no one I know from real life) in a barn with some hay. I was hoping he would eat her so I could go away. We both had nowhere to run to, and it was standing between us trying to make up its mind.

Then my brother's alarm clock went off in the next room, even though he isn't here, and it woke me up. I was pretty annoyed at the time, but on second thought, it looks like he saved me from quite a mess.