I had a good morning. My roommate wasn't there so I could turn on lights and play music and all of the things that I can't do when she is there sleeping. I like being alone. Other people are so much trouble.

Which was why I did not answer the pounding on the door that woke me up from my nap during my lunch break. It wasn't my roommate, who likes to knock and save herself the trouble of taking out her key. It was my roommate's friend.

My roommate's friend likes to eat lunch in our room. She pulls me away from schoolwork, lunch, a nap -- whatever I happen to be doing -- to come into the room, flop down on my roommate's bed, and watch Ricki Lake. If I have music on, she turns the tv up loud enough to drown it out. If I am napping and ask her not to use the tv, she gets on my roommate's computer and makes instant message noises. And I don't like leaving for my class with her still in my room, alone.

She has no right to be in the room. Sure, she is Amy's friend, but Amy is not there. Yes, she will be living in the same room next year with Amy, but it is not her room yet. It is mine. I get little enough time to myself sharing a concrete coffin with another being, but she feels the right to infringe on it without even thinking of my comforts, as if I were the interloper.

I'm going to be a bitch about it. She can sit on the couch and watch tv in the lobby. I don't have another place to sleep.