Massively multiplayer online role playing games (or MMORPG for short) is quite self-explanatory.

The intent of the product is to attract literally HUGE amounts of players and allow them all to interact with each other in much larger groups than other online multiplayer games allow. In order to support such groups, developers of such games set up large servers that support the games world. Typically the gaming world is very large as to accomodate all of the players, and keep them interested by providing lots of locations for adventure.

The company that runs the servers, as well as the developers of the game get their money through software retail in your high-street store, but moreso from a subscription charge that is used for the upkeep of the servers, and the ongoing development of the product.

MMORPG's appeal is that characters can assume a different role in a different world. Players enjoy the way they can constantly develop their character through earning experience (or XP), improving on their level, and finding or trading for new armour, weapons and equipment. MMORPG's constantly encourage players to group together to form friends on the game, so that they might maintain their subscription to the service.

Current MMORPG's include the following titles, all on PC CDROM.

Ultima Online
Asherons Call
Dark Age Of Camelot

Upcoming MMORPGs are numerous, but the most prominent games are listed below. The genre is expanding from PC CDROM to consoles.

Asherons Call 2
Star Wars Galaxies