WHAT: A gathering in honour of the fallen, both friends and strangers. Enjoy friendly companionship, good food, and well-played Celtic music.
WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 13 at 8:00pm PDT
The King's Head in Campbell, CA.(www.thekingshead.com)
201 Orchard City Dr.
Campbell, CA 95008
+01 408 871 2499
(Hint: Check Yahoo for maps/driving directions, and look for the water tower)
WHO: Anyone! Everyone! Those specifically being invited are those in The Everything People Registry : United States : California, The NoCal Super Layoff Unemployment Collecting BBQ Moonlit Bowling Noder Meet, bay area noders gathering, Bay/Oakland Noders Gathering, and anyone in #everything who is willing to make the trip.

Confirmed attending:

Expressed Interest:

  • SEF
  • DrSeudo (Will attend if he can get a ride)
  • azzer (Will also try to be there)

Aftermath: In addition to those listed above, Ouroboros and a soon-to-be-noder friend of Juliet's attended as well! We had a great time - talking, joking, drinking. For myself, it was nice to finally put faces to all these people I've met here. Extra bonus points to factgirl for her wonderful noder-leading capabilities! I wish that everyone had been able to stay a bit longer, though - I was there at midnight enjoying a scotch when the band inside began playing The Star Spangled Banner, and everyone began to sing. Though this has been a week of tragedy, it's heartening to know that we're all standing together.