Oh gods, what the hell was I thinking? With the layoffs at work today, my group had the enviable task of changing passwords on all network devices. The routers, switches, other such things go off without a hitch. But first, we had to lock down the biggest security hole - terminal servers. After a total of 26 hours in the office working continuously on these things, I am convinced that Bay Networks is a tool of Evil. I and my cow-orker tried for 10 hours to automate the process of password changes on these infernal devices. Eventually, giving in to mental and physical exhaustion, coupled with the constant questions along the lines of "Have you guys finished $site yet?" and "Why are you changing the passwords?", we had to polish off over 270 of these instruments of dementia by hand. If I never have to do this again, it will be too soon. 26 hours of nonstop work. Gods, WHAT WAS I THINKING???

And what a way to celebrate Beltane.