A han book is a traditional Korean dress that has been work for ages. It consists of a long slip and long silky pants for underneath, usually decorated with lace and pastel flowers. Next is the skirt which is long and starts right below the breastbone. It has straps to hold it up and is wrapped around 2 times, then tied. Next comes the top, which is short and barely covers the strings, which hold up the skirt.

It looks somewhat like this:

ooooooooooo||__0 ***|oooooooooooo

The bow is then tied as such and your han book is properly assembled. Now all you need are the traditional socks and shoes and you will be all set. Be sure to pick out a han book that will look good on you, for they come in many color schemes, designs, and some of the more expensive kinds have actual gold designs on them. And for the unmarried girl, there is also a special scarf to be tied at the end of a brain in the hair to signify that she is unwed, while married women wear their hair in a bun with a noticeable part in their hair. Enjoy looking Korean in your han book.