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Eat your vegetables, or you won't get desert!
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As a person, I enjoy indifference. I like independence and individuality. For these reasons obviously, I dislike conformity.

I am a cynic, who is distrustful of many things and people, yet I am someone who will empathise with you.I'm a bundle of contradictions, you might say!

I read biographies. When my life is boring, I find the live's of other people more fascinating. The people who I have found to be most interesting are Michael Jordan and Shane Gould.

I have a passion for life. I don't worry about the world ending, because quite frankly I won't be alive to see the day that the world does end. So I leave it up to my future offspring to deal with it. Harsh maybe, but still, not my problem.

I am not pleasant to be around when I'm unhappy or angry. But when I am radiant with happiness I can be a gem.

I don't like critism, but I accept it. I also give a great deal of critism to others, and feel justified in doing so, for should they dp the same to me, I would take it all with a pinch of salt, not to mention humbleness, humility and compromise if need be.

I like to write, but am often critisised for being too terse with my style, and I don't stick to regular english conventions. I don't see the need to, if I find something different that works. Why not let your guards down about conventional methods and just emjoy the content sometimes. For example JRR Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' or 'Lord of the Rings'.

I'm always on the look out for new, radical writer's. I hope that will be me one day.