As I sit here and think about all the good times and all the bad, the only thing that remains constant are my friends. Anytime that I needed someone to talk to, my friends were there. I remember the trip to Kern and to Berkley. I remember the "wonderful" times we had at Basil's and some of the things that we said. All I can do now, now that they are gone, is remember the good times and yearn for them. When I drop my friend off at the airport and wait to see his plane take off, I can't help but feel a sense of loss. That last big hug or that traditional "Take it easy and I love you man..." just sends me reminiscing. I know that I will see them again but the fact that they won't be around, pains me... I guess the only thing to do is to keep the email and phone calls coming until we meet again. But until then, I will just have my memories. "Am I??", "Can I have one more thing", Tenacious D, just to name a few. I hope they know that I will miss them and I hope that they will think of me often...because I do them.