"(Note: this does not mean she was always a virgin; she married Joseph and had children with him, something many Christians forget even though it's in the Bible that Joseph and Mary had several children.)"

Actually, Christians have never forgotten this; but at least one denomination--the Roman Catholic Church--denies that this is the case. For starts, the Bible never says that Mary has the kids; they just show up in Jesus' adult years. Furthermore, they claim that when the Bible in its earliest forms refers to the "brothers" and "sisters" of Jesus it does so using a word that has no direct equivalent in English and which could also mean close relatives who are not immediate blood kin, such as cousins. They also raise the possibility, found in certain extra-canonical sources, that Joseph had children by a previous marriage.

I don't know if they insist that Mary remained a virgin all her life, but they do tend to take issue with those who insist that she did not.

Some scholars feel that they are reaching a bit.