Robot hero featured in the 1973 Toho film Godzilla vs. Megalon. Created by Dr. Goro Ibuki, Jet Jaguar was stolen by the evil Seatopians as part of a plot to destroy Tokyo using the monsters Megalon and Gigan. Dr. Ibuki regained control of his creation and sent him off to bring help in the form of Godzilla. In the end, the pair defeated the hostile monsters and Japan once more was saved. Hooray for Godzilla! Hooray for Jet Jaguar!

Jet Jaguar could fly, grow to giant monster size, and shoot rays from his eyes. His theme song is unintentionally hilarious, what with the singer sounding like a chicken caught in the midst of a boxing match and all. Jet Jaguar bears an uncanny resemblance to Ultraman except more low-budget and creepy.