As fascinating as mcSey's Pacino-based theology* is, I am having trouble determining which of the world's religions presents God as being a set of rules. Flipping through my old college notes on the subject isn't turning up anything of the sort - perhaps he can enlighten us with some specifics.

They must be really bad rules for mcSey to resort to so drastic a measure as putting his fate in the hands of an entity that, assuming he exists in any literal sense, is generally acknowledged to be an implacable enemy of humanity.

But perhaps he's right and Satan is only misunderstood, much as fellow freedom-teaching rule breaker Charles Manson claims to be.

*Strictly speaking, Pacino is only reciting lines from screenwriters Jonathan Lemkin and Tony Gilroy's take on V.C. Andrews' ghostwriter Andrew Neiderman's novel. But "Pacino-based" has more of a ring to it, and who the hell is going to remember those other people anyway?