First off, I poured orange juice in my corn flakes. I tried to pour it all out into the sink while holding the corn flakes in with my hand. I got most of it out, but the milk still had a weird orange-y flavor.

While flipping to the editorial pages in our local paper I noticed that the topmost obituary notice was for an elderly lady whose nickname was "Goon". She sounds like she would have been a good person to know.

On my way out to work I saw a yellowjacket (or some other flying stinging creature - I'm no entomologist) struggling in a spider's web. I stood fascinated, watching it fight for freedom and wondering if I should help it. One of course hates seeing anything struggling in a spider's web*, but then again what makes the spider deserving of starvation? But then the yellowjacket tore itself free with a mighty effort and flew away triumphantly.

As I rode my bike home from work at day's end I noticed for the first time a whirligig that some family had set up over their back fence. The breeze that blows up Mira Mesa Boulevard most times had it spinning.

That night I baked sugar cookies and we ate them together on the couch with milk while we watched Gilmore Girls.

*Except Hitler.