Well, my first indication that this country is slowly returning to normal came in today's paper, as columnist George Will blamed the recent terrorist attacks on the Clinton administration. Huzzah!

Also, the nations of the world are politely letting us know that, while they truly meant all those flowers and candles and things last week, they are reluctant to go charging saber-first into other people's countries without some sort of concrete proof that they are involved in the aforementioned attacks. As usual, I am of two minds about this.

Meanwhile, my grandmother's move to an assisted care home has not stopped the ongoing drama of her old age; apparently she's still falling down all the time, and my family still has to drive down and deal with it each time. (Where's the "assisted care" part of this equation?) She's an iron-willed old Southern matriarch, and if I had to hazard a guess as to what's going on, I'd say she's refusing to use a walker.

A co-worker gave me lots of delicious food to take home. In five minutes I will bicycle home with my backpack bulging, and later I will deposit my PayPal check from my recent eBay sales. I'm that much closer to buying a sound card, or a boxed set of Mystery Science Theater 3000 videos. Or something else.