The fifth and final season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. The first few episodes featured the return of Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn, and Neherenia and tied up the plotline from the previous season.

The remainder of the season dealt with the Sailor Wars - the Sailor Star Lights, alien refugees from another planet, arrive on Earth looking for their own lost princess, much as our senshi were in the first season. They were capable of changing their gender; in senshi form they appeared as girls, while in civilian form they were the teenage boy pop group Three Lights (figuring that as teen idols they would be able to cast their messages to the princess in the form of songs and have them played on the radio, on television, and in movies). As the Three Lights they attended high school with Usagi and her friends, who of course are the senshi for our solar system.

The primary villain was Galaxia, the most powerful Sailor Warrior, who long ago tried to defeat the evil power of Chaos by assimilating it into herself but gradually became corrupted by it. (As Sailor Moon fans know, whenever you try to defeat something on your own without help from others it always turns out badly.) Now she sweeps through the galaxy destroying worlds and turning other Sailor Senshi into her evil minions (see Alien Senshi, Anima Mates.)

Meanwhile, Mamoru has left to go to school in America and has not responded to any of Usagi's letters. She is broken-hearted, and has conflicting feelings about Seiya Kou, who is secretly Sailor Star Fighter and who is not-so-secretly smitten with her.

At the climax, Sailor Moon must herself face Chaos personified and battle for the fate of all creation.

The climax of the manga differed a great deal from that of the anime. In the manga, Sailor Moon had the option to destroy this universe with all its sorrows and evil and start anew. Also, in the manga Usagi and Mamoru got married.

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