January 21, 1982: Initials "S.G." impressed crop circle-like into Iowa cornfield.

June 18, 1984: Image mowed into front lawn belonging to Floyd Hipperson of Providence, Rhode Island: Guttenberg's face with the slogan "Bite My Crank".

February 8, 1987: Nightly News With Tom Brokaw consists entirely of hour-long video loop of Guttenberg dancing with the Village People in the 1980 film Can't Stop the Music.

September 30, 1990: Invitations issued to release party for record album of Guttenberg performing music of his own composition.

October 2, 1990: Party lasts fifteen minutes, abruptly ends with invited guests being beaten and driven out into the street by hose-wielding thugs wearing rubber Guttenberg masks. No album is ever presented or subsequently released.

April 17, 1992: Thirty-foot statue of SG with enormous erect phallus presented to nation of Burundi as goodwill gesture.