The Fire Danger Today: Extreme

Note: any updates I have to post, I'll post on LiveJournal. It's just better geared for that sort of thing. Also. Apparently factgirl is in a similar situation up where she lives, maybe worse than ours. Keep us in your prayers, okay? Love, The SoCal Posse

There's a huge, swiftly spreading brush fire in San Diego county -- actually, two of them. Maybe three of four. The largest is east of us. It has consumed 10,000 acres so far and is heading west. Whether it'll reach us or not is unknown. The Authorities have made Mira Mesa High School an evacuation point, so they clearly believe this is a safe spot for the moment. However, Santee and Ramona were evacuation centers too, and now they're evacuating folks from there. I'm a little concerned about exceptinsects because at the beginning the news mentioned Ramona and Julian as the nearest communities to what they're calling the "Cedar Fire", but since then I haven't heard Julian mentioned at all. Figure she's safe, though probably a bit anxious.

Just in case the situation changes and Mira Mesa is threatened, we're packing and have gotten out the cat carriers. The sky is burnt orange. We can smell smoke. The Santa Anas are blowing through, dragging the fire closer. Yikes!