ACTION COMICS WEEKLY NO.606. "THE TRUE BELIEVER" By Roger Stern (Writer), Curt Swan (Penciller), John Beatty (Inker).

Superman indicates the made kneel man to him that that is not necessary. The man him conversation that he only wanted to award honors to him. "I am Bob Galt, blessed gentleman, never had seen those men before and I believe that they were sent to interrupt my mission to contact with You, our rescuer". The police does not give credit to which it hears. The other police of the car has approached the scene and hears as the person says to them "If they cannot appreciate the sanctity of the person whom they have in front of them. His father sent it through stars to live between the men and to teach the way to them. He is the champion of the Humanity supporting the truth and justice, without waiting for nothing in return. With its great powers further on that anyone of us, mere mortals, how we would have to call it but Rescuing." Superman says to him to Bob that thanks for the credit that it gives him, that helps to people the best thing than it can but in spite of his powers it is not God. Bob answers to him: "But Superman..." and the Steel Man says to him: "Yes, Bob... Superman, remembers that." The Steel Man leaves to Bob with the police and leaves flying oyendo as Bob requests to him that it does not go away, that has come from very far looking for to him, running perligros...

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