~~This is QuizNode number One Thousand, y'all~~



'Cause I'm a high plains drifter from the desert sands
I'm a superpowered giant like Ultraman
I got my mojo workin' and I'm badder than Bones
And I'll punch your buttons like a telephone
Fighting kung fu masters in the Shaolin Temple
Like Captain Blood but I ain't Blood Simple
I have a way with the ladies like Dino and Sammy
And I've seen more vice than the cops in Miami
The rudos see me coming and they get out of town
Like a Weeble I wobble but I don't fall down
I'm a million lights, a son of Las Vegas
A masterpiece like a painting by Degas
I terrorize the natives like a funky chupacabra
(Español? Sure baby, él habla.)
From the Georgia woods to way out West
I'm a cold gunslinger and I rock the best
When I'm on the microphone I cut like a machete
I ain't Barney Rubble but I got the Betty
So let me say in closing if you ain't got the point
That my name is Quizro and I rock the joint
I'm an educated gangsta and a superhero
Yo, I'm so cool they call me Mister Zero
So if you feel like messin' then you better get back
Or you'll feel the full force of my